Sex and Culture Center


Sex is Power. Sex inspire us, has the power to dominate, attract, and even heal us. Once awaken our sexual instinct could change us completely, to fill us with excitement, creativity and might. For many artist, but also for all of us, sex is a timeless sourse of inspiration that always leaves a special mark in our minds. The “Sex & Culture Center” is located in aboundened mounotone building, where the primal instinct hides in the large shapes and different rhythms and brings the building to life. The energy of the building is focused in the interior space whereas the exterior is mainly closed. That is how building seduces and provokes the spectators passing by to enter and check it out. The space is fluid and the whole atmosphere is “sexy”. The high ceiling gives a feeling of freedom and the many different levels and installations give an end to all taboos. We are all born with sexual desires.
The primary aim of the Sex & Culture center is not to promote sex but to show the art of many famous artists which was censored due to its sexual content. Sex is always an important and relevant topic and by provoking the imagination of the spectators and breaking through common prejudice it aims to educate young adults.




The building has elongated proportions / 9.40 x 58m / and large ceiling height. The simple vision is diversified with dark glass volumes in the pulsating rhythm over preserved classical cornice and the stone socle. The brick facades refurbished and painted in white. Walled windows are kept (for intimacy) and are used for showcase of posters. The main accent both in the exterior and interior is a black glass cube that cut through the monotonous facade and enhances the graphical look. This naturally solves the problems with the entrance and internal floor plan- lobby, rooms for temporary and permanent exhibition. The interior is decorated in purple and graphite, with varied lighting and color accents. Space is broken with galleries at different levels in the two long sides of the building, from them you can enter the cube. The rooms are multifunctional and suitable for expression and synthesis of the arts.



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Team: Dobrina Encheva, Stanislava Markovska