Maslinka Olive’s Shop

The Project:    Маслинка /Olive/ is a contemporary chain of shops whose goal is to provide healthy Mediterranean foods to its clients.

The main idea is to establish a brand which differs itself from others by introducing – fresh, quality and home made products to the market. The project involves the complete experience of the client: the brand and identity,exterior design, interior design, furniture and space planning, advertisement.

The Brand:   Strong, easy to identify, catchy and connected with the theme. Furthermore we aimed for it`s flexible adaptation – from the main signage of the store to packaging of a line of homemade products.

Interior and Exterior:    We were asked to create a new modern grocery shop with Mediterranean appearance.
For this purpose we decided to work with wooden material both in the exterior and interior and to create warm, welcoming space. The store is located on a corner with two glass facades which provoked us to create playful interior space and simple exterior so the passengers will be tempted to enter.
The main exposition wall is covered with raw wooden boards which start from the floor and continue on the ceiling. On the wall they serve as shells and on the ceiling they are used for the lights to hang from. The interior is painted in bright green which goes perfectly with light timber and the brand design – white letters and green olive branch.


Form Architecture and Design Ltd.

Team// Project Manager:  Dobrina Encheva, M.Arch / Branding: Dobrina Encheva, M.Arch; Vasil Enchev / Architecture: Dobrina Encheva M.Arch; Stanislava Markovska, M.Arch